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Redevelopment Consultant

The necessity of Redevelopment arises in buildings that are more than 25 to 30 years old and require frequent as well as costly maintenance. In such cases it is beneficial to demolish it and construct a new scheme which will prove to be beneficial to the developer and the existing occupants. We are prominent Redevelopment Consultant offering services for buildings all over India. Presently, we are an authorized Redevelopement Consultant for Shivai Society, Near Sane Guruji Smarak, Dandekar Bridge, Pune.

Stages Of Redevelopment :

  • Offer letter to the society
  • Terms and conditions with the society
  • Agreement with the society
  • Sanction from PMC in favor of the society
  • Loading of TDR in the societys name
  • Obtaining the IOD
  • Shifting of the members
  • Demolition of the building
  • Obtaining the CC
  • Construction of the new building
  • Obtaining the OC
  • Shifting the old members
  • Why Our Redevelopment Consultation?

  • Associations with redevelopment experts
  • Accurate assessment through detailed site investigation
  • Complete economic assistance
  • Formulation of strategic plans for speedy redevelopment
  • Time bound execution
  • Services within your budget
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