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Conciliation Services

We are engaged in offering Conciliation Services for more than two decades in India. Our services are availed by numerous organizations for settlement of disputes outside of court. An excellent way for maintaining accord in the business proceedings, our services make sure that disputes are reconciled efficiently by dedicated domain experts. For undertaking conciliation, we are registered with the Institution of Indian Council of Arbitration (Delhi) as a FICA - Life Member.

Details Of Arbitration, Mediation & Conciliation Act - 1996 :

  • Conciliator acts independently, his/her views are useful to reach amicable solution
  • Legal binding is absent but the process is useful to find various alternative proposals to settle disputes amicably
  • Specialty of our Conciliation Services :

  • Speedy dispute disposal
  • Services by experienced Technical experts
  • Minimum mediation time
  • Smart management for saving your money
  • Complete confidentiality is maintained
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